Active Independence
Empowering Lives with Education

Workshop Titles

Active Personal Workshops


Ø  Learning to be Assertive


Ø  Self-Esteem and Feeling Good About Yourself


Ø  Learning to Manage Your Anger


Ø  Making Your Own Decisions


Ø  Planning and Setting Your Goals


Ø  Learning to Manage Your Time


Ø  Communication Skills: Holding a Discussion


Ø  Your Relationships: Learning about The Friendship Circle


Ø  Protecting Yourself From Abuse


Ø  Looking Good: Your Personal Hygiene

Active Living Workshops


Ø  The Right Foods for You: Enjoy Healthy Eating


Ø  Exercise and Healthy Living


Ø  Creating New Friendships


Ø  Safety in Your Community


Ø  Fire Prevention and Basic Safety


Ø  Getting Out and About in Your Community


Ø  Skin Care and Applying Make-Up


Ø  Holding a Dinner Party and Entertaining Friends


Ø  Living Independently


Ø  Managing Your Money Well


Ø  Planning a Holiday


Ø  Computers: Learning Basic Computer Skills


Active Program Workshops


Ø  The NSW Disability Standards


Ø  Actively Participating in Your Person Centered Plan


Ø  Actively Participating in Your Employment Plan


Active Job Search Workshops


Ø  Getting Started: Choosing the Right Career for You


Ø  Interview Skills: Getting That Job!


Ø  Writing a Great Resume!


Ø  Effective Job Search Skills

Active Employee Workshops


Ø  Being an Employee: Your Rights and Responsibilities


Ø  Running Meetings at Work


Ø  Bullying in The Workplace


Ø  Looking Good at Work


Ø  Fire Safety at Work


Ø  Being a Good Team Player


Ø  Occupational, Health and Safety: Being a Safe Worker

Active Employee Workshops


Ø  Service Best: Learning about Customer Service  


Ø  Work Attitudes and You 


Ø  Understanding Work Relationships and Roles 


Ø  Me the Employee! 


Ø  Learning about Employment Forms


Ø  Ready, Set, Work!